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What I'm loving right now—clean, classic furniture and fixtures

A weekly series on the products and styles that are catching our eyes at the moment.

I love an eye-catching trend as much as the next person, but lately, I've been drawn to the value and richness of classic design pieces. Perhaps it's the homes I'm working on now, but a clean line and a well-made rug truly never goes out of style. Here are a few of my favorite pieces lately and some suggestions of how you can use them in your own space.

The Timeless Chandelier

Clive 8 -Arm Chandlier from Crate and Barrel

I picked this piece for a client's dining room recently (and she cleverly selected it from a few other options) and I'm so glad she did! It's a modern twist on a classic style and it's sure to please both current and future homeowners. This particular piece is the Crate and Barrel Clive 8-Arm Chandelier and comes in both brass and bronze.

I love that it has hints of sputnik lights with a softer angle.

How to use it in your space

This piece is perfect for both dining or living rooms (ideally high ceiling living rooms). As always, be sure to have it on a dimmer to set the lighting correctly per the time of day and the mood. For a dinning room, I'm pairing it with a gorgeous West Elm wood table, light blue/gray walls, a chair rail and some one-of-a-kind woodcut art pieces from Etsy.

Herringbone Rugs and Runners

Herringbone is such a classic pattern, it will truly never look dated. Trust me. Especially in a rich, deep color. I'm using a black and tan herringbone for a client now and am also in love with jute hand-loomed versions as well.

How to use herringbone rugs and runners in your space

I prefer this style for runners in kitchens, hallways, and on stairs because it doesn't show a lot of dirt or stains and it doesn't detract or distract from other design elements. Especially in a kitchen with colorful cabinetry or a beautiful backsplash, a clean, classic herringbone runner with tie the room together without being a distraction. Also, please don't do bright herringbone patterns indoors, keep those to your outdoor rugs, mmmmk?

A few styles I'm loving...

The Bamboo Style Lamp

Maybe it's the nostalgia of my mom's classic tastes, but I'm having a moment with bamboo finishes and details. In picking my current office lamp, I wanted something subtle but stylish and I found the perfect white ceramic bamboo pattern lamp—I'm obsessed.

A few styles I'm loving as well...

How to use this style lamp in your home

Similar to the timeless chandelier and the classic herringbone rug, this lamp style is a bit nostalgic but can be easily placed in a more modern space. If you're looking for two bedside lamps, this style is perfect. It can be found in tall and narrow or short and wide, depending on your nightstand size (but PLEASE stop buying short squatty bedside lamps. Just stop.) It's also a fun style to mix and match throughout a room—try using a few colors in the same space to create interest and cohesion.

Interested in any of these styles or want to book a consult? Reach out to!

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