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Top Five Favorite Bathroom Tile Choices for 2023

The new year and its new home decor trends are here! Some of them we love and some of them...we don't love so much. But we're breaking down five of our favorite trends in tile in hopes that you lucky folks who are building, beautifying or renovating will have the best options available!

Trend 1 - Earthy Toned Tile

This is a trend we LOVE! One thing that drives me nuts is bathrooms that have been "updated" with a slightly newer version of the same boring tile. Think white subway tile replacing square pastel tile. All you've done is create a new project for the next homeowner. (I am not hating on subway tile, but if you're doing a bathroom, DO it differently!)

This trend means deep emeralds, juicy pinks and peaches and colors that have depth, like nature!

Trend 2 - Carrying Tile Across Multiple Surfaces

There is SO MUCH TILE to choose from so it can be hard to choose just one! But carrying the same tile from the wall (not all the walls, ideally an accent wall or shower) to the floor and then even to the vanity, can make a massive impact.

I've been obsessed with these large scale marble tiles for years and would loooove the chance to put them on a wall, under a tub and across a floor. So delicious!

Trend 3 - Natural Textures in Tile

Baked tile has been in for a while, but one thing I'm seeing and loving is more "real" textures for accent wall or strategic area. Stone, brick, slate or even a wood grain gives such a wonderful texture to any space, but especially a bathroom.

Want more bathroom inspiration? Check out our top Pinterest boards for more ideas or reach out for a full consult.

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